Besides corporate training, I provide code review, advisory and individual sessions for advanced topics on request. These are usually one-off requests, please note that I am not available for coding/full-time contracting work. Instead, I prefer working with several clients and on several projects on a fractional capacity (e.g. X hours per month).

The list of things I can/cannot do is illustrative. When in doubt, feel free to ask.

What can I do for you

Some example projects I have had in the past, or continue to have:

  • Methodology supervision for students and researchers doing work combining a different discipline (engineering, economics, archaeology) with data analysis, mathematical modelling, or machine learning.
  • Design and code data-driven applications such as dashboards or other prototypes that use machine learning/mathematical modelling/natural language processing.
  • Create low-code solutions for automating business processes. If you have an automation tool like UiPath, Power Automate or similar and you need to design advanced workflows using computer vision or natural language processing.

What I cannot do for you:

There are some services I have been asked for, but that I do not provide, and I have no intention to provide.

  • Hack on people/places.
  • Join your team full-time as a coder. 
  • Write your dissertation/homework/job application/etc.

If you are interested on hiring me, let's have first a 20-min quick call, you can reach me here. After that, you can book the agreed services here (unless otherwise agreed).