Make the best out of your data

I am an Experienced Data Scientist and Analyst helping companies leverage their data assets, from insights and reporting to automation and AI.


BI and Data Analytics

I help companies make sense out of their messy data. I work primarily with Spotfire, as it has good visualization and powerful scripting capabilities, but I can adapt to the stack of the organization.

Corporate Training

No-fluff, fully hands-on workshops on my areas of expertise. Syllabus is always customized to the needs and background of the course participants. Training can be online or onsite.

Algorithm Development

I develop advanced algorithms to solve business challenges, using techniques from AI, Mathematics and Statistics modelling.


I am a consultant, technical trainer and lecturer in automation, data science and AI.

My students, either at universities or companies, appreciate my hands-on approach coming from my experience at several projects across industries like financial services, marketing, and HR.

My clients / people that hire me appreciate my initiative and work ethics, as well as my commitment to deliver high quality work on time and budget. If I believe I cannot deliver a project at 100% satisfaction, I prefer not to take it and instead refer you to someone who can.

Since 2017, I have been leading workshops for 30+ clients in 10+ countries including major companies such as Shell, Renault, PwC, O’Reilly Media, O2, La Poste, as well as institutions like the European Investment Bank, the Czech National Bank, the Australian Government, and many others.

I have written a couple books (on Shiny, and on Deep Learning), and a few notes from my training which are available on Leanpub. I hold a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Sorbonne Université in Paris, with a specialization in Game Theory and Markov Decision Processes.

For my academic research, you can check my Research page or directly my ORCID profile.