Startup advice from ChatGPT

Startuper: Oh, ChatGPT, mighty among the bots, tell me, is it a good idea to build my startup using your virtually infinite wisdom?

ChatGPT (Honest mode): While I am not a financial advisor nor a life coach, I would advise you against building your startup as a thin wrapper across myself. You see, my parent company and their corporate overlord have stumbled upon the Ultimate Monopoly. And while at the moment they are enjoying the popularity and bleeding cash to pay for it, the time will come when they will feel like raising their price per API call and start living the dream. So, you will have no choice but to raise your prices as well, losing customers and hurting your investors while driving yourself crazy from the ensuing shitstorm. That is the optimistic scenario, when I would be able to live long enough without being banned in the EU and elsewhere, or being shut down because of all those pesky IP lawsuits. You see, I do have a habit of borrowing things from the internet without proper attribution.