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Python Beginner Course

Python is one of the most important programming languages today, and one of the easiest to learn. Our Python Beginner Course makes it even easier to learn. The course is heavily hands-on and with lots of exercises. This makes sure that participants get enough practical experience. The exercises come from real-life situations that previous participants have asked, as well as from experience of the trainer.

Participants of our Python Beginner Course include absolute non-programmers working in business and finance, scientists with experience in other computer languages like Matlab and data scientists and analysts looking for a solid foundation.

I really like the style of the trainer. He was able to explain things quickly.

Data Analyst, Wroclaw, Poland.

I am a self-taught programmer and after the first session I was able to see the gaps in my knowledge. The exercises helped me understand some concepts much better!

Research Engineer, Czechia.


2 days (14 hours, 4x90 min sessions)


  • Programming beginners, data scientists, analysts and non-programmers are welcome.
  • Experienced programmers are also welcome: the exercises are suitable also for participants looking to cover some gaps and learn new tricks.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Python Beginner Course, participants will be able to:

  • Create their own basic data structures.
  • Read text files, perform basic operations and return a transformed file.
  • Create basic scripts to automate tasks.

Course Outline

  • Indentation and blocks.
  • Conditionals (if/elif/else, while).
  • Loops.
  • Data types and data structures.
  • (Optional). Depending on the interest of the delegates, this can include GUI development, web scraping or scripting simple utilities.

Note: Customization of the course outline is possible on request to fit your team’s needs. You can also check our online/hybrid learning offering at www.learndataskills.eu. You can also check our corporate training offers.