Data Analysis with SQL and Pandas (2-day course)


If you have always wanted to…

  • Learn SQL and Pandas but did not have the motivation / time to do it properly.
  • Have a real tutor to ask while learning, instead of wasting time looking up online.
  • Get to practice with real-world use cases, instead of made-up small problems.

Then this course is for you!

In this 2-day program we have put everything you need to:

  • Be able to write your own analysis and reports in SQL and Pandas.
  • Understand enough SQL and Pandas to be able to search for more advanced topics on your own.
  • Get ready for applying data science tools in your personal projects and develop your portfolio.


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  • STEM graduates looking for a career in Data Science / Data Analytics.
  • Working professionals looking to transition into Data Science / Data Analytics.


  • Some previous knowledge of programming languages / data analysis is ideal but not required. If needed, the instructor will provide references for extra practice and self-study.



  • Intro to databases. SELECT command. Single-table queries. GROUP BY.
  • JOIN statement and multiple-table queries.
  • Window Functions


  • Indexing and Filtering Data
  • Split, apply and combine operations. Data aggregation.
  • Visualization with Pandas and Matplotlib
  • + Final Project

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