Not all calories are equal

I have been overweight for a big part of my adult life. Last year I decided to join a weight loss program that takes a multiple approach (nutrition, therapy and sports consultation). I have improved body composition by a lot, but the weight refused to go down. This was a mystery and obviously a source of demotivation.

Digging on my own nutrition data from last year, I found something interesting. Sadly, I do not suffer from some weird condition yet to be discovered by modern medicine that keeps me fat despite eating vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins. It’s pure stupidity 🙂

– Chart 1 and 2: Calories + Activity in the period with biggest weight loss and with biggest weight gain. Doesn’t matter which one is which, the difference is meaningless.

– Chart 3: on the first red point, beginning of “dry February”. Second red point, “I am doing very well, life is sad without beer, I’ll start drinking non-alcoholic”. Third point, “Fuck, diet is not working, I can just drink again”.

So, despite having similar calorie consumption and activity, seems like even non-alcoholic beer has second order effects on weight gain (same way as alcohol does). Maybe it prevents some carbohydrates from the food to be absorbed properly (which are then stored as fat), maybe it’s because of the lack of fibre. I don’t know.

TLDR; don’t drink your calories, kids.