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Intermediate Python Course

This is the perfect course for false-beginners and self-taught programmers. The Intermediate Python Course goes beyond the fundamentals and helps course participants understand some of the most powerful features of the language.

Our intermediate Python course includes lots of practical exercises. Hands-on work is a fundamental part of our training philosophy. The trainer is always open to questions from the students and to adapt the course outline to the participants' interests and needs.

I did not know how to use some of the Python magic like context managers and decorators. This has improved my workflow.

Research Engineer, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Really enjoyed the balance between live coding and exercises. It was perfect to help us try things on our own without getting frustrated.

Software Engineer, Munich, Germany.


2 days (14 hours, 4x90 min sessions)


  • Experienced Python programmers that want to explore in more detail advanced features.
  • Self-taught programmers and data scientists that want to cover the gaps in their knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Participants of our intermediate Python course will learn to:

  • Write own classes for data processing and manipulation.
  • Leverage advanced Python features in your workflow.
  • Learn best practices for logging, testing and debugging.

Course Outline

  • OOP principles. Inheritance.
  • Data structures: tuples, lists, dictionaries and named tuples.
  • Context managers.
  • Iterators and generators.
  • Decorators. Data classes.
  • Logging, testing and debugging.
  • (Optional): GUI programming, web development fundamentals.

Note: Customization of the course outline is possible on request to fit your team’s needs. You can also check our online/hybrid learning offering at www.learndataskills.eu. You can also check our corporate training offers.